Purchase Process

What Payment Methods are Available?

PayPal, Mastercard, VISA, bank cards, and other payment methods are accepted.

Details of payment methods:

  • If you purchase a Membership for free access to files, please visit the Patreon page.
  • If you buy files in the Shop section of this site, please proceed to the Gumroad page.

For any questions regarding payment or file downloads, don't hesitate to contact us.

How do I Get Printable Files?

There are several methods available:

  • Obtain a Membership on Patreon for free access to files.
  • Purchase the template in the Shop on the Website.
  • Some templates are available for free.

More details

How do I Get Ixia Printed Workbooks?

You can purchase printable workbooks through Amazon. The link is in the product card.


How to Print the Templates?

Templates for printing on a color or black & white printer

PDF files can be printed at home or any print shop. Attached file for black and white printing, if specified.

Templates for cutting machines

SVG files (and also EPS, DXF, EPS) you can use for crafting with Cricut, Brother cutting machine or others.

What Accessories are Needed?

Cut, fold and glue

  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • A blunt object, such as a non-writing ballpoint pen
  • Glue (may be a glue stick)

Cutouts. Cut and Fold

These are the simplest toys. You don't need glue to assemble them, just scissors. Cut and fold by hand.

Can I Use a PDF File With my Cutter Machine?

PDF files were designed specifically for hand cutting, not cutting machines. SVG files are for cutting machines. Templates designed for cutting machines is always indicated in the description on the online shop.

I have SVG file for a cutting machine. How to increase the size of the template?

The template is designed to be printed on Letter / A4 paper. You can scale the template in SVG or DXF files in your cutting software. The toy scales to print on Tabloid or A3 paper sizes will be 1,5 times larger.

Usage Rights

May I Print Purchased Templates Multiple Times?

Yes. You may use the purchased templates for yourself and your family, as well as for joint games and classes. You may print any number of copies for your own needs and for collective games and classes as well.

May I Share Templates with Other People?

Printed sheets you can give to friends and your loved ones.
We ask that you do not share files for other people's use.
Publication or resale is prohibited.

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